Corporate Strategy

Pakistan’s economy is going through testing times. Faced with multiple challenges, economic recovery requires determination and willpower to implement national policy correction measures and economic reforms. Pakistan has battled and survived a catastrophic earthquake, two floods and a balance of payments crisis, while being at war at one border – all during the past decade. The prolonged energy crisis and the security situation in the country remain as the top challenges faced by country. However, despite these circumstances, the economy and the people of Pakistan remain resilient as the country implements fiscal reforms and continues to remain in the IMF program.
Our operational strategy is centered on:

  • Customer-driven business
  • Strong capital and financial position
  • Conservative, sound risk management
  • Operational agility by maintaining cost and quality leadership

Our corporate strategy focuses on agility to enhance Company’s value by means of achieving financial growth through higher profitability and financial efficiency, maintaining optimum quality, product diversification and continuously lowering our cost base.

We continue to believe that the engine for growth in Pakistan is an expanded and efficient industrial and energy sector, that supports the consumer facing industries. Shakarganj is continuously focusing on its strategy to expand in the Food and Beverage as well as Energy and  Industrial sector; organically as well as through acquisitions. Our efforts are directed on both fronts, the local and export market, to defend our top-line and serve our customers with value-added quality products. We are continuously upgrading and overhauling our existing plant and machinery to enhance the quality of our production and improve returns.

We also plan to fully leverage our intangible assets, such as knowledge and enterprise resource planning systems to increase operational agility and provide business intelligence for sound decision-making. We believe people are our greatest asset and developing, training and retaining talent is fundamental to our operations.

At Shakarganj, Corporate Social Responsibility is a strategic management–driven initiative that integrates our business, environmental and citizenship activities. We take pride in supporting our community and are committed to our investment in Pakistan through strategic contributions to the education and health sectors. We remain committed to our planet and seek to implement and adopt environmentally sound processes for the conservation of energy and other resources.