Governing Principles

Shakarganj conducts its business in a responsible manner, with honesty and integrity. We also have the same expectations from all those with whom we have relationships. We insist on doing what is right which sets the tone of our actions and underpins the functioning of our employees. We also insist that all transactions be open, transparent and within the legal framework culminating in responsible financial reporting.


Shakarganj does not use bribery as an instrument for any business or financial gain. Employees are not authorized to give or receive any gift or payment which may be construed as such. Employees are also required to avoid engaging in any personal activity or financial interests which would conflict with their responsibility to the Company.


The Board has a fiduciary responsibility for the proper direction and control of the activities of the Company. This responsibility includes such areas of stewardship as the identification and control of the Company's business risks, the integrity of management information systems and clear, transparent reporting to shareholders. The Board accepts its primary responsibility for the overall control architecture of the Company. However, it recognizes that the internal control system has to be cost effective and that no cost effective system will preclude all errors or irregularities. The system is based upon written procedures, policies, guidelines, an organogram that provides an appropriate division of responsibility, a programme of internal audit, manning of all key functions by qualified personnel and constant training.


The Board has adopted a code of conduct for its members, executives and staff, specifying the business standards and ethical considerations in conducting its business. The code includes:

  • Corporate governance
  • Relationship with employees, customers and regulators
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Trading in Company's shares
  • Environmental responsibilities


Our primary purpose is to run our business efficiently and profitably to enhance shareholder's value but we do it with responsibility to all stakeholders. Profitability is essential to discharge this responsibility and the corporate resources are primarily deployed in the achievement of this end. However the Company does not operate in isolation with its environment and accordingly feels responsible to all stakeholders which are:

    • Our Shareholders: To protect shareholder's investments and provide an acceptable return to them.
    • Our Customers: To win and maintain customers by developing and providing products and services, which offer value in terms of price, quality, safety and environmental impact supported by requisite technological expertise.
    • Our People: To respect the human and legal rights of its employees with good and safe conditions of work and competitive terms of service.
    • Our Business Partners: To seek mutually beneficial relationships with contractors and suppliers of goods and services to the Company.
    • Our Society: To conduct business as a responsible member of society, to observe laws, express support for basic human rights and give proper regard to health, safety and environment not only at our various campuses but also beyond, extending it to Society at large.


    We are increasingly conscious of the role we have to play as responsible corporate citizens in fulfilling a wide variety of community needs. We believe in "giving something back" by helping address issues such as education, healthcare, public safety, environmental health, etc. This also arises from our basic belief that when individual entities work together, they can create powerful synergies and help to improve the conditions of the societies in which they are operating. These principles are not just put forth on paper but  have been actively implemented over the years to promote issues of education, health and environment.


    At Shakarganj, we take the maintenance of health and safety standards at our plants and offices seriously. We are committed to actively managing health and safety risks associated with our business and actively work towards improving our procedures to reduce, remove or control the risk of fire, accidents or injuries to employees and visitors. All our activities at our campuses are required to conform to international standards for health and safety. We also ensure that our products are shipped in a safe manner complying with the safety standards and legal requirements.


    The Board aims to ensure that shareholders are informed of all major developments affecting the Company's state of affairs. Information is communicated to the shareholders in the annual report and the interim quarterly reports. The Board encourages the shareholder's participation at the Annual General Meetings to ensure a high level of accountability. The Company's financial statements are available on the Company's website and an officer is designated to answer all shareholder inquiries.